About us

House Smart House will be an exciting shopping experience that provides the biggest possible number of stylish most advanced home devices under one roof.

We are in partnership with the most trusted drop shipping providers, only offering the highest quality devices at the best prices, and in the fastest delivery time available.

House Smart House will supply clients with the highest quality of materials. And will help them compare the available similar devices, plus listing the most professional service providers who can help to install the smart systems if needed.

House Smart House will bear full responsibility for the quality of the sold goods, and will ensure that those goods are of the highest quality, and at the highest possible level of safety, and will provide customers with the ability to return products that do not meet expectations, and refund the full paid amount within 30 days of the date of the purchase.

House Smart House is a Trade Name owned and run by Jadoun International LLC, established in New Port Richey-Florida state-USA, our full fiscal address is: 7813 Mitchell Blvd, ste. 106-J, New Port Richey, Florida Zip code 34655 in USA.

We are available 24/7, and you can reach us at one of the following numbers:

Office Tel.: +1-727-270-9717
Office Fax.: +1-727-270-9716
Sales & After Sales: +1-727-364-2626
mobile: +1-305-988-3635

info@housesmarthouse.com or info@jadouninternationalusa.com

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